What I Support

Aleta spoke out against “Obama Care”

Over five years ago, before the affordable care act was passed, Aleta was one of the first Utahns to speak out against Obama Care. She contacted her Senator, then Senator Chris Butters, and he helped her acquire a copy of the nearly 1,500 page bill. Aleta spent a week, day and night, studying the extremely convoluted and multi-layered bill until she felt there were no hidden parts left that she hadn’t gone over. What the bill contained was very disconcerting to Aleta. In fall 2009, she testified against Obama Care before the Utah State Senate Health and Human Service Committee. She didn’t need anyone’s permission to act against a bill that could clearly catapult the country into more debt and increase the national epidemic of entitlement mentality.

Aleta stood up against the overreaching tentacles of the Patriot Act

Aleta was the only Utahan (outside of the members of the Legislature) to testify before the Senate Agricultural Committee. She testified against the intrusive overreach of a federal government that now wants to stop us from growing our own food in home gardens or storing food as a tool of self-sufficiency and emergency preparation. Under expanded presidential declaration of Martial Law powers and the Interstate Commerce Act, hundreds of thousands of Utah citizens would come under federal scrutiny for producing and “hoarding” food.


Aleta fights for Openness and Transparency in Government

Aleta won a victory for all Utahans when she successfully carried a case through the Utah Supreme Court in September of 1998. This case addressed Utahans’ right to run an initiative petition when our government just isn’t listening. (See case #981431.)


Aleta Stands up for your right to BEAR Arms

Aleta stood up against an uniformed decision that would have banned all soft weapons in South Jordan. In 2009, the South Jordan Police Department was determining how to address public safety concerns and was considering a ban all soft weapons, including bows and arrows, pellet and BB guns, and anything shooting more than 25 feet. As a member of the City Council, Aleta stood alone in defending your rights. Her actions alone allowed for the development of a well-drafted ordinance that gave Police the authority to hold and prosecute a genuinely threatening individual, while still protecting our rights to use the thousands of recreational type weapons already in our homes. Aleta is a concealed weapons permit holder who has graduated from a citizen police academy. Your right to protect and be protected are of great importance to Aleta!

Aleta Champions Utah Businesses

“There is a profound sense of stewardship in the Utah Business Community that generously underpins the foundations and the visions of our entire society. In Utah, collaboration across separate disciplines is not only possible, it is expected. Our “Can Do” culture drives up the opportunities for the successful

public and private partnerships that foster quality job creation in sustainable industries.”  Aleta Taylor’s acceptance speech for an award from the South Jordan City Chamber of Commerce, January 2012.

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