What I Support

Aleta Taylor Supports:

  • Conservative Values
  • Limited government
  • Protection of property rights, and the right to bear arms in defense of our persons or property.
  • Defense of Marriage Act
  • Increased parental rights in making decisions for their children.
  • Active protection of religious freedoms.
  • Conservative state spending with the vision to put aside for the inevitable rainy days ahead.
  • Strong public education system with a variety of options for families and students.  I will fight for a renewed accommodation for more local control of education dollars.

From Aleta:

I have voted in every election since I registered at 18 years of age.  I didn’t need a church leader to admonish me to do my duty to my community, state or country.  I have been a Salt Lake County Delegate on three occasions and a State Delegate twice.  I’ve hosted the caucuses in my home more than ten times.  I have served in my community on the City Council, Board of Adjustments, on a variety of committees and volunteer assignments.  I have run 5 elections to date, all in an effort to serve my community.  I have always been, and will continue to be, a watchdog for conservative values.  I care about the foundation and reasons behind what we do in government.  Correct principles build solid footings upon which to lay our hopes of a prosperous and peaceful tomorrow.

Speaking On Government:

In the case of Government, Aleta Taylor says, “Less is more.”  Less taxes, less regulation on our businesses, and less overreach into our personal lives.   Prosperity is the natural state of a free people who are dependent on their own efforts to survive.  It is the job of government to protect our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–not to try and protect them from every obstacle or failure.  True business and personal success come as we learn from our mistakes and recalculate and try again with a wiser perspective.

I believe in your right to be heard and will listen and carry your concerns to the legislature. – Aleta

  • Strengthening traditional family values.
  • Strong public education with a range of personal options for students and families.
  • Transparency in government.
  • Enforcement of immigration laws balanced with respect for the individuals and businesses.
  • Protecting religious freedom.
  • Helping Utahans foster a vibrant economy the Utah way!
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Balanced Growth.
  • Preserving Our Heritage and Time Tested Values – Utilizing the wisdom and skills of our senior citizens to help foster constitutional principles and respect for the sacrifices of the past.

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